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Are YOU Blacklisted?

Did an escort, masseuse or masseur tell you to come here?

Yes? Oh, fuck... In all likelihood, you’ve been blacklisted! Perhaps you blew off an appointment. Or you didn’t pay the service provider what he or she was owed. Or you did something else that crossed the line for an Escort, Masseuse, or Masseur.

So, your information is on the site... What should you do now?

First of all, realize that your number can now be pulled up if anyone were to conduct an internet search for it, by using a search engine like Google. Not good... not good at all, for most people (who seem to desire discretion). But then again (let us take a moment to get preachy here...), what you did was not good, either. Blowing off an appointment is not nice. Not paying someone a previously agreed-upon amount is not nice. Giving someone a false address is not nice. Not using a condom, when someone requests you to, is not nice. These are basic manners. JUST BE NICE. If you haven’t learned this lesson yet, perhaps this situation (that you have actually created for yourself) will teach you. There are consequences for irresponsible behavior. And we are not even going to start talking with you about things like physical or mental abuse, theft, or harassment.

OK, enough of the lecture. You probably want to confirm whether you've been blacklisted and, if so, get your number and personal details removed from this site. So here's what you need to do:

Click 'Search' above and enter as much of your information as possible. If nothing comes up, that’s good news for you! It means that you are not showing any history of mishaps on this site. But if any of your information does come up, it will also have some information attached to it. Perhaps the first name that you gave the Escort, Masseuse, or Masseur. Perhaps a date, showing when the situation occurred. And certainly, it will list a brief description of what happened. Finally, it will show a number assigned to the service provider.

Contact the service provider by clicking on his or her Service Provider number and selecting 'Send Service Provider #_ an Email' - Try to fix whatever problem the Escort, Masseuse, or Masseur has described. For example,

1. Did you not show up for a session? You may need to reimburse the Escort, Masseuse, or Masseur for his or her time (think about it, this is time that person lost, because they could have had another session then). In many cases, service providers prep considerably for their clients - insuring that they are clean, they look good, their place is ready, they are mentally psyched for the session, they have supplies needed, etc.

2. Did you not pay the service provider the full amount owed to him or her? Make good on this. Step up to the plate and, at this point, pay not only the full amount, but probably an additional amount to show that you understand that with Escorts, Masseuses, or Masseurs, time really is money - and they have spent additional time with you even dealing with these steps.

Use your head for other situations. This is your chance to rectify the situation, and perhaps even set up another appointment with that hot guy or girl. Money speaks volumes. And, service providers tend to be sensitive and compassionate, and as such, are pretty "forgiving" people.

If the two of you can make amends...

If you two can make amends, your phone number and any personal information can be removed from from the site - BY THAT SERVICE PROVIDER ONLY.

Just a reminder: BE GENEROUS.

And remember that an apology goes a long way.

Are you having difficulty feeling remorse? Just imagine making a doctor's appointment and not showing up, or blowing off a meeting with your lawyer, or refusing to pay your barber after he cut your hair. The majority of Escorts and Masseurs are professionals. They provide a necessary service to society. They deserve to be treated with the same respect that you would give to people in other professions.