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"I was so pissed off! This was my worst experience ever with a client, and I got paid half my fee..."

Why was this site created?

Simply speaking, one too many clients blew one too many of us off. It was 2006. A bunch of us were sitting around sharing stories about deadbeat clients. It was then that the idea for this site was conceived. We had grown tired of negative experiences from sessions that wouldn’t materialize, especially when we knew that most people who see us have some of the best times of their lives. Until this site, no network had existed for men in the Escort and Masseur industry within the United States. So we took charge, both for ourselves and our brothers working alongside us in the industry. The site expanded to include Female and Transgender Escorts and Masseurs in 2013. Now we can all gain control of situations with the assholes who make it bad for the vast majority of clients who are “up and up.”.”

 Complete Anonymity

The BlacklistedJohn.com site will give you a Service Provider number. When blacklisting negative experiences with clients, only that Service Provider number will be visible on the site. No other information on you - not your working name, not your contact information, not your ads - NOTHING ELSE will appear on the site. This gives you complete anonymity as you blacklist someone. No one reviewing the site will know that YOU post on the blacklist (other than the client who you've posted about - and then only if you choose to inform him or her that you've done so).

How the site works for you

This website is a tool, intended to help you prevent booking a no-show appointment, dealing with someone who doesn't pay you what you asked, or any other negative experience that may arise in this discreet, service-based world we inhabit. The main reason for the creation of this site was to help our fellow men and women and trans workers, who provide a QUALITY, and NECESSARY service for others.

Use this site when you are booking appointments. It will show phone numbers and personal information belonging to people who have been dicks (in the bad way, we mean) to other service providers. As you book an appointment with someone, check by searching for their phone number (hint: bookmark THIS PAGE) to see if their information is on this site. If nothing comes up, then that person is not showing any history of mishaps on this site. But if they do come up - well, read about their past history, and take it with a grain of salt. This site helps to warn you about them. If you are talking with the person on the phone, feel free to challenge them on their listed “infraction.” Why not? There are escort and massage sites where Service Providers get rated... now you can join the ranks of Masseurs, Masseuses, and Escorts nationwide, who have taken control and minimized the assholes in their lives. Well, er... well, you know what we mean...

How the site works for you, Part Two

If you’ve had a negative experience with a client, you can blacklist them, tell them about it, and ultimately recoup any unpaid fees. People in our industry have been doing this through this website for years, and it really works! See the 'Praise' section of the site to read actual testimonials from other Service Providers.